Training Series: Group Counselling (OHIP) or 1-on-1 with OT (non-OHIP)

These sessions are validated, structured and evidence-based treatments.  Normally, they are inaccessible via OHIP for logistical reason.  IBFM has reduced the financial and resource barriers in accessing these therapies.


Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia:

The gold standard for better sleep

Energy Management

Investing your energy to give you more of it

Headache Management

Rewiring the way your brain processes pain

Relaxation Training

Relaxation as a skill

Educational Series Group Counselling (OHIP)

These sessions will educate you about these conditions in a way that actually gives you guidance and ideas on how to correct your problem with behavioural & lifestyle interventions.  Ask the medical expert and how you can address these issues through physiological retraining.

Blood Pressure Education & Management

Have a game plan for the “silent” killer

Lower Back Pain Education & Management

Learn how to get strong again

Post-Concussion Syndrome Education & Management

Name it to tame it. Feel it to heal it.

Psychotherapy treatments offered 1-on-1 (non-OHIP)

Psychotherapy is about helping you in finding new perspectives and approaches that work better for you.  It is a broad field that involves extensive training and skill.  Some facets of psychotherapy that has received a lot of attention and are especially helpful for our patients include the following:


Theory & Practice

Internal Family Systems

Align parts of your psychology to reach your potential

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Consciously rescripting habitual reactions

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Leveraging perspective for your preferred future

Resilience Training

Grit & Perseverance applied to your health

CPT (for PTSD)

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Occupational therapy treatments offered 1-on-1 (non-OHIP)

Occupational therapy is a broad field that covers many areas.  Some areas that our patients especially find helpful are the following.

Goal Management Training

Getting to point B, one step at a time

Return to School / Work Strategies

Customized approach