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MDs & NPs

FHO/FHT/FHN: Referral to our program will not affect your access bonus

Our internal medicine specialist’s billings (A135) will not affect your access bonus. Our GP psychotherapist has a has a GP-Focused Practice designation in psychotherapy and only uses the following billing codes (all out-of-the-basket and/or for which they have an exemption from MOHLTC):

  • A010
  • K007
  • K019
  • K020
  • K012
  • K024
  • K025

New practice announcement, IBFM Institute for Behavioural & Functional Medicine Ontario, Canada

New Practice Announcement

Tired of prescribing sleeping pills

Or not sure what to do with fatigue patients?  Or, looking to expand the treatment arsenal of your chronic headache patients beyond just medication?  Behavioural, cognitive & lifestyle interventions are gold standard treatments for many medical issues.  Normally the cost of these therapies place them out of reach of most patients.  Our program brings down this barrier of accessing these therapies by making the medical assessments and therapies available under OHIP with a physician’s or nurse practitioner’s referral.

Have patients partner in their healthcare

Many patient become very passive in the face of chronic conditions like insomnia, chronic headache and fatigue.  They may come to only rely on their healthcare providers to fix their problems.  There is nothing more empowering for HCPs and patients than having access to Behavioural, cognitive & lifestyle interventions to treat these conditions.  Medications can still be helpful but they can be part of the treatment plan rather than being the entire treatment plan.  Many patients will no longer need medications in the management of these issues.

What to expect in terms of communication with our office

Our physician will send a consult letter usually after the second meeting with the patient.  During the first meeting (A010) their will be a history and then the patient will be given a self-monitoring diary to keep which will be reviewed at the follow-up appointment (A917).  At the time of this follow-up – and if appropriate – the patient will then either be invited to participate in the appropriate OHIP-funded Group Counselling Session (K019, K020, K012, K024, K025) for their issue and/or one-on-one therapy with an occupational therapist or psychotherapy, as per the patient’s preference.  If our physician believes that the patient is not appropriate for Group Counselling Sessions at this time, they will advise the patient of the same.  A summary of the assessment findings and our advice will be related to your office in the form of a consult letter.  After patients complete their therapy, they will have a final follow-up (A917) with the physician to review their results and may give further recommendations which will also be faxed to the referring HCPs.

How to refer to our program?

  • Fax (Fax #: 647-660-9355) your referral to the Institute for Behavioural & Functional Medicine along with your OHIP number.  Please include the patient’s Past Medical History and Medications they are taking and also medications that they have tried in the past.
  • You may also download our referral form for printing or for uploading into your EMR.
  • You can refer directly from your EMR or Ocean by following the procedures below
OHIP Referral form for OHIP-funded therapy for insomnia, headache, fatigue, hypertension, post-concussion syndrome and lower back pain IBFM Institute for Behavioural & Functional Medicine Ontario, Canada

Referral Form

  1. Click the Accuro Target in the bottom left corner
  2. Then select Tools > Form Editor
  3. In the Form Editor window, select Tools in the top left corner then Publish/Download
  4. Search the keyword “IBFM”
  5. Select the IBFM REFERRAL FORM and press the download button in the bottom right corner, then hit the SAVE ICON (floppy disk icon) in the top right corner
  1. Download & save the the Institute for Behavioural & Functional Medicine eForm by clicking here.
  2. In your Oscar EMR, select the Admin function
  3. Then Select Forms/eForms then Manage eForms
  4. Select Import eForm; then browse and select the ZIP IBFM Referral Form file from your desktop or where you saved it and then select Import

Video Instructions

  1. Download the PSS file for the IBFM Referral Form
  2. In patient records view, click “Settings
  3. Click “Edit Custom Forms…
  4. Click “File
  5. Click “Import Form(s)…
  6. Select the file from your folder where you saved the “IBFM Referral Form

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