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Dr. Taher Chugh

Sports MD, GP Psychotherapist
MD, CCFP(SEM), FCFP, Dip. Sport Med., BCB
Dr. Taher Chugh, Institute for Behavioural & Functional Medicine, Ontario

Serving as our medical director, Dr. Chugh is a sports physician with extensive training in behavioural medicine and psychotherapy. He has a GP Focused Practice Designation in Psychotherapy and Sports Medicine.  

Dr. Chugh graduated from the University of Toronto’s medical school and the University of Ottawa’s family medicine residency program. From early on in his career, his commitment has been for “thinking outside the box” to find the most effective, evidence-based – even if “unconventional” – means for empowering patients with the freedom to realize healthier versions of themselves. His enthusiasm for helping patients access services that most effectively improve health helped him identify many health care inequalities in the community. His most notable clinical contributions to addressing these inequalities have been in providing OHIP-funded care for the the rehabilitation of physical injuries in seniors; post-concussion syndrome; and mental health.

Dr. Chugh continually receives further education and qualifications, locally and abroad. He continually contributes to the improvement of our clinical practices for our patients’ benefit.