YouTube Action Videos Patient Instruction

1. These videos will make you dizzy and uncomfortable – make sure your symptoms are only mild when you watch these videos. Do not do them when you have a headache/migraine.

2. Start with milder videos and slowly over the next few weeks work up to more challenging ones.

3. Start with only 30 seconds or less. Let the symptoms return to baseline plus a few seconds before watching another 30 seconds or less. Build up from there. Everyone responds differently and symptoms can be delayed, so be careful not to overdo it.

4. Do not expose yourself for too long or it will not be beneficial. Do only as prescribed by your healthcare provider. If the symptoms provoked are extreme, stop.

5. Start with a small screen building up to a larger one.

6. You can watch these while sitting, standing, walking or doing a balance challenge as advised by your therapist.

7. After exposure, you should return to baseline within 20 minutes after doing the session.

Link to the easier videos

Link to the intermediate videos

Link to the difficult videos