Virtual and Telephone Appointments During These Times of CoVID and Self-Isolation

Guiding Principles

We are providing telephone and virtual service to help:

  1. Prevent spread of COVID-19 through the community.
  2. Maintain, always, the health, safety and well-being of our patients, employees, physicians, associates, and community at large.
  3. Serve our mandate of helping you on your road to recovery from concussion.

Medical Doctors/Assistants/Occupational Therapy/Psychotherapy

MDs and their assistants, for the time being, are still keeping some in-person appointments for patients that require physical exams, maneuvers or physical treatment. The majority of office hours have been converted to telephone appointments. The in-person appointments may be discontinued as more directions and information comes to light as the CoVID situation evolves.

Currently, for appointments that are not offered in-person by our MDs/Assistants, appointments will be telephone appointments unless the MD requests a video call for reasons he/she would have discussed with you during a previous appointment.

Our Occupational therapist and Psychotherapist are offering telephone appointments and video appointments..

You can expect a phone call at the appointment time from our these health care practitioners. Usually, they are running on time. If they are running more than 10 minutes late, you will receive an email advising of the same.

For Existing Patients

Booking Appointments

Schedules for our team members can be found at

For Patients Who Would Like to Apply for Consultation

Requesting a Consultation

Please apply by completing our “Request a Consultation” Form.

]Please visit Ontario Telemedicine Network’s webpage for more information about the service –

After you request a video call appointment, the process is kicked off by our office sending you an email invitation.

For a quick, 2-page overview illustration of the process and technical requirements, click here.

If  you have any issues, you can call OTN for help. OTN technical support is available from Monday to Friday, 7am-7pm at 1-855-654-0888, press “2”.

If you are adequately set up for the HVV,  on the day and at the time of your appointment, you will pull up the same OTNinvite email again and click the “Join Video Visit” link to begin the appointment. Our healthcare team should be on screen waiting for you. If they are running a bit late, you will see a video of yourself waiting; just hang on and they should be about to join you shortly.

If the technology does not work for you, please email us back to notify us so that we can arrange for a telephone or in-office visit for you instead according to your preference.