Relaxation Techniques

You have learned a bit about relaxation and would now like to find resources on relaxation techniques?


University of Maryland Medical Centre: An overview of what relaxation techniques are


University of Edinburgh, UK, Department of Clinical Neurosciences and Department of Rehabilitation Medicine: Instructions on breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and imagery training


UC Davis School of Medicine: An overview and instructional handout on different relaxation techniques


Trauma Centre at Justice Resource Institute: An instructional handout on different relaxation techniques


Université Laval: A French guide to 2 popular relaxation techniques – diaphragmatic breathing and progressive muscle relaxation


PasseportSanté.net: French podcasts walking you through many different relaxation techniques


Anxiety BC: A great comprehensive website providing education and self-help resources in dealing with stress and anxiety An opinion on the role of mindfulness, meditation and prayer after a brain injury