QEEG assessment (brain map): preparation info

Before Your QEEG assessment:

  1. Illness. Sickness affects your brainwaves and will obscure the picture. If you are sick, even with a cold, it is best to email and postpone your appointment for when you are feeling better so we get a more accurate picture of your brain’s electrophysiology. We do reserve 90 minutes of clinic time for this appointment. In the event you have to cancel this appointment, we will not be able to absorb the costs on your behalf. Please do not book an appointment if you are not okay with this policy.
  2. Sleep. You should get a good night’s sleep before the QEEG.
  3. Hair and Scalp. Your hair needs to be clean and dry. Use a pH neutral detergent shampoo such as Neutrogena Anti-Residue or Suave Clarifying shampoo the night before or on the day of your schedule appointment. Wash your hair three times. If you have a hair weave, toupee, corn-rows, please remove them before your appointment. No chemical treatments may be administered (coloring, perms, relaxers, etc.) for 48 hours before the QEEG. Do Not use oils, lotions, mousse, gels, or hairsprays. Hair must be free of beads, weaves, etc. Make sure your hair is completely dry before coming for the QEEG. Please bring a comb or brush. If planning going to work afterwards, you may want to wash your hair afterwards to remove the gel that will be used as a conductive paste to measure your brainwaves.
  4. Medications. The QEEG assessment is often cleaner and easier to read if medication has not been taken. If you are taking medications, it is preferable to do the QEEG recording after you have stopped taking the medication for 48 hours, if possible. The patient MUST check wit his/her prescribing physician or health care provider to determine if its possible to stop taking the stimulants 48 hours prior to the QEEG. If 48 hours is not advisable, 12-24 hours without having taken the medication is the next preferred option, if possible. Do not make changes in any other medication(s) unless authorized by your physician. If you are taking medications for anxiety, depression, or sleep, please do NOT stop taking these medications without first consulting with your prescriber. If your prescriber approves, please bring these medications with you the day of your QEEG and take them after the QEEG assessment has been conducted. Please bring a complete list of medications you take on a daily or regular basis with you when you come for your QEEG assessment.
  5. Over-the-Counter Medications (OTC) and Supplements. Unless prescribed by a physician or licensed health care provider, avoid taking any OTC medication or supplements for 3 days prior to the QEEG. This includes medications and supplements such as: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, analgesics, antihistamines/allergy medications, cough and cold medicine, herbs, nasal sprays, nutraceuticals, food supplements (including amino acids), vitamins, etc. If you have any questions about these items, please contact us.
  6. Caffeinated Beverages. Do NOT drink more than 1 cup of coffee, tea, or caffeinated beverages in the morning of the testing. Do not drink energy drinks (e.g., Red Bull) for at least 15 hours prior to the QEEG.
  7. Alcohol and Drugs. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior to the QEEG assessment. Marijuana should be avoided for 24-72 hours before the QEEG assessment.
  8. Contact Lenses. Portions of the QEEG require that your eyes be closed for 15 minutes or so; Some patients find it’s uncomfortable to do this while wearing contact lenses. Some patients also notice that their eyes are generally more dry when they wear contact lenses and don’t realize but they blink more. There are portions of the QEEG that require that your eyes be kept open for 15 minutes or so. The more you blink, the more it will drown out the EEG signal we are trying to measure. It is best to wear glasses rather than contact lenses for the QEEG.

On the day of your QEEG assessment:

  1. Eat a high protein breakfast.
  2. Do not wear any makeup on the forehead or ear lobes.
  3. Drink plenty of water the day before the QEEG recording.
  4. Use the restroom before doing the QEEG assessment.
  5. Do not wear jewelry on the neck or ears.
  6. Keep your phone off and at least 3 feet away from your person so that it’s electromagnetic field does not interfere with the device.
  7. Avoid nicotine for 3 hours prior to your session.
  8. Bring any medications or supplements you would like to take after your QEEG assessment is complete.
  9. Plan to spend a minimum of 90 minutes in the office.
  10. Allow time to return home to wash your hair to remove the gel if so desired. Alternatively, gel can be wiped off in which case allow time to fix your hair if so desired.

Please note: medications, low blood sugar, movement of the eyes/tongue/head/body and lack of sleep may affect the results.

Research & writing: Dr. Taher Chugh

Last update: August 2019