BIOFEEDBACK home training program (BHTP)

Why is home training important and how should it be done?

So, you have started training your influence over the autonomic nervous system with biofeedback in clinic; and you have surely been advised to practice these skills at home. The only way to get the skills to “stick” and ultimately cultivate into a habit is to practice regularly on your own. To have success with this, home training should be done consistently.

This means do it:

  1. Every day – Do not skip a day.
  2. At least 20 minutes per day. Make time for this, and this alone.
  3. In a dedicated fashion, to help you focus and apply the principles of mindfulness, you will do it sitting or lying down quietly with no distractions (i.e., don’t try to get it out of the way while cooking, driving, talking, etc.)

How will you know if you are practising the skills effectively?

With the BHTP program, we use the evu TPS device to track the three biometric variables – Heart Rate Variability (HRV)Temperature (T) and Skin Conductance (SC) – while you practise the skills you learned in clinic.

This device is the ideal training companion because of its:

This technology measures these variables accurately and precisely.The evuTPS has been validated to provide accuracy levels commensurate with the professional version we use in clinic.

  1. ghtweight and is carried in a case that is about the size of an acorn.
  2. The software with which the device communicates is downloaded from google play on to any device that is running android software (4.4 or later). iOS compatibility is pending as of February 2019.
  3. It is strapped onto your finger using a fabric strap.

The biometric data the evuTPS collects is transmitted via Bluetooth connection to your device in real-time so you can get immediate feedback – either visual, auditory or “score points”, or all three as per your preference – to improve your training efficiency.

  1. Customizable session length: Session durations can be as short at 5 minutes or as long as 60 minutes.
  2. Incentives: Point-based training program that automatically tailors success appropriate to the user’s skill level.
  3. System’s artifact detection ensures user is informed when movement artifact is present in real time.

All training data is saved and you will be assigned a user number which only you and our clinic knows.

  1. All training data can be emailed to us so that we can review it for effectiveness and compliance.
  2. We can help improve on your gains next time you come to clinic without spending time to reassess it;
  3. Or we can reach out via our Home Exercise Program Coaching service to help you tweak your regimen before your next appointment, while you are in the comfort of your own home.

What are the costs of the BHTP?

  1. This program is overseen by our physiotherapist, MD and the physician’s assistant. It includes weekly review of your training. We may connect with you for a home video visit if you are interested and we have recommendations to make. It is is covered by most extended health benefits under physiotherapy benefits.
  2. We have android tablets for rent for those that don’t have android devices.
  3. Fees can be found at our Uninsured Services section.