BINOCULAR vision & concussion

Binocular vision issues commonly complicate concussions. The following links will give you a good understanding of what may be amiss visually after a concussion.

1. The Concussion Project: This site has news articles and patient-friendly information that discusses how vision can be affected after concussion. We find that patients feel as though the debilitating symptoms they are experiencing are happening only to them. By reading these references and articles, you may find that the symptoms you are experiencing are common post concussion and how you may be helped.

2. Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association: This page give a well structured overview of some of the visual issues that may result after a brain injury.

3. College of Optometrists in Vision Development: This page reviews questions patients frequently ask about their visual system in the context of concussion.

4. VisionHelp Group: The VisionHelp Group have posted this video of a patient discussing her experience with visual issues after her concussion.

5. FXNL Media: This group has posted a short video on how vision affect learning and concussion recover

6. FXNL Media: The same group has put out a longer podcast on how vision affects learning and concussion recovery.

Last update: April 2018