Administrative support & disability forms

If patients could just focus on rehabilitation and their day-to-day lives, that would make things a lot easier. Unfortunately, there is often a lot of administrative work that falls upon patients’ desks at this very same time. Usually this involves communication in the form of forms and reports with:

  • Employers
  • Schools
  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies
  • Health care providers

Many of these organizations require objective input from patients’ treating healthcare teams. This is something we support most of our patients with. It is important that you provide the best picture possible of your current impairment so that the organizations above know how to make the appropriate provisions and intra-organizational adjustments; and so that you get the support you need during your recovery. Your situation is unique, and so the assessment and reports need to reflect all impairments so that the readers appreciate the accurate functional deficits you are currently dealing with. To achieve this, the reports are quarterbacked by our medical director, Dr. Chugh, and receive input from all health care providers involved in your care. 

These services are not insured by OHIP. However, often, the requesting organizations will cover the associated fees; please check with them. If you would like to request that our team complete forms for you, please email us a copy of your request along with the due date. Our team will review the request and advise of:

  • If we can or cannot complete the request
  • The amount of time and fees required to complete the request
  • The estimated time it will take to complete the request
  • Outstanding Information and/or assessments required to be able to fulfill the request

Clinically, there is often communication between treating providers and other agencies. That is, a lot of time goes into coordinating your care between services. While a lot of this is done by our health care practitioners, a lot is also done by our dedicated administrative staff. That is, our staff work for you even when you are not in-house receiving assessment or treatment. If you have requests or requirements that require additional communication or administration, we will advise you of any associated fees before rendering the service.