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Concussion Return

RETURN-to-Athletics Guidance

Many of us have heard that resting in a dark room and avoiding stimulation is the best way to recover from a concussion. However, research now shows the contrary; After a few days of rest, carefully controlled exercise improves brain recovery

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Concussion relaxation

RELAXATION strategies

1. Stress When one looks up the opposite of “relaxation” one may find the following words: agitation, worry, tension, irritation, unhappiness, intensification, pain, sorrow, disturbed. Have you ever tried use a fork with a clenched fist? It doesn’t work out that

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Computer Vision Syndrome

Administrative support & disability forms

If patients could just focus on rehabilitation and their day-to-day lives, that would make things a lot easier. Unfortunately, there is often a lot of administrative work that falls upon patients’ desks at this very same time. Usually this involves

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Concussion psychiatric


Symptoms that are well treated by behavioural management Headache Fatigue Sleep dysfunction Cognitive issues Neck pain Dizziness & Imbalance Sleep dysfunction Mood swings, irritability, anger, nervousness Social consequences Factors that influence the severity of PCS symptoms 1. Physiological status e.g.,

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Concussion Pharmacological

Pharmacological Support

Although emphasis is placed on recovering from your injury through natural processes and rehabilitation, medication has a role in some cases. Sometimes medication helps facilitate or potentiate the treatment regimen and in this context can be considered a ‘supplemental’ in

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