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Is your migraine making you feel of guilt?

Experiencing guilt when you are unable to fulfill your obligations due to your migraine? Read more from this expert psychologist on how to combat migraine guilt https://www.migraineagain.com/manage-migraine-guilt/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_campaign=Weekly_Newsletter&utm_content=2021-03-07  

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Treatment for Vestibular Migraines

Vestibular migraines are a common cause of headaches & dizziness. Read more on the symptoms, features, and treatments for vestibular migraines.   https://migraineagain.com/vestibular-migraine-treatments/

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10 signs of dehydration

10 Signs of Dehydration

Preventing dehydration can be useful in the face of managing migraines. Here are 10 signs of dehydration, and a rule of thumb for calculating how much water you should be drinking:   https://migraineagain.com/10-signs-of-dehydration  

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migraine & stress

Stress & Migraines

Dr. Rebecca Wells expands on the relationship between stress & migraines, discussing various the various causes and triggers of migraines.   Read the full article here: https://migraineagain.com/stress-migraines  

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