Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for PTSD

In PTSD, a traumatic event can change the way we think, which can change the way we feel. CPT sets out to identify these changes in our thinking, a.k.a. “stuck points”, and evaluates them on the touchstone of factual information and one’s true values. It sets out to teach patients to become their own therapists by giving them tools to examine their thoughts and label their emotions in ways they were not taught previously, with the goals of feeling the natural emotions arising from the trauma and changing thoughts that are keeping them stuck. CPT is a lot of research evidence showing its efficacy and is used widely all over the world. It has been shown to be more effective in the treatment of PTSD than medication. It has been successfully used in traumas that occurred 3 months ago and in traumas that occurred 60 years ago. It can be used in patients with just a 4th grade education level.

16 weekly OHIP-covered, online (over OTN) group counseling sessions

Counseling facilitator: Dr. Taher Chugh


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May 11, August 31