Introduction to concussions and the culture of their treatment

Recall the pure joy of riding on a backyard swing: an easy cycle of motion, the momentum coming from the swing itself. The swing carries us; we do not force it. We pump our legs to drive our arc higher, but gravity does most of the work. We are not so much swinging as being swung. The boat swings you. The shell wants to move fast: speed sings in its lines and nature. Our job is simply to work with the shell, to stop holding it back with our thrashing struggles to go faster. Trying too hard sabotages boat speed. Trying becomes striving and striving undoes itself.

– Craig Lambert, Olympic Rower

Learn about the culture of concussion rehabilitation. A culture that honours your physiology, your emotions and your goals. One that focuses on retraining rather than labelling things as “broken”. The brain’s plasticity is remarkable and many tools to help you succeed are easily within your reach. 

Learn more about the condition so you can check helplessness and be motivated for approaches that work.

1 OHIP-covered, online (over OTN) group counseling session

Counseling facilitator: Dr. Taher Chugh.


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