Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins

President Abraham Lincoln

Assertive behaviour is defined as any action that reflects an individual’s own best interest, including standing up for oneself without significant anxiety, expressing one’s feelings comfortably, or exercising one’s own rights without denying the rights of others.

Assertiveness training is a stand-alone intervention that has clinically proven success in many conditions. Why has it fallen by the wayside when it had been shown to be so effective and was highly used up into the 70s? There are several reasons why it was “replaced” by other treatments – mostly financially-motivated – but none of them are valid reasons to hold back this training from people, those with and without psychological stress. 

In these interactive sessions, you will learn how to engage the cognitive, social and communication parts of your brain to “show up” the way you want to “show up”… like many of our (assertive) heroes – sung and unsung.

12 weekly OHIP-covered, online (over OTN) group counseling sessions

Counseling facilitators: Dr. Taher Chugh


To be determined