blood pressure management

High Blood Pressure Education & Management

High Blood Pressure Group Counselling (OHIP-Funded)

My doctors told me this morning my blood pressure is down so low that I can start reading the newspapers.

– Ronald Reagan


Globally, hypertension causes an estimated 19% of deaths (9.4 million annually) and 7% of disability.  Hypertension is responsible for up to 50% of deaths due to heart disease and stroke and is the leading cause of kidney disease and kidney failure.  In Canada, 25% adults have it with 50% of these being not yet diagnosed.  50% of those over 60-years-old have hypertension.  Only 16% have adequate blood pressure control. 


The starting point in the management of hypertension is educating yourself about the condition and what you can do to get control over your blood pressure.  In these sessions you will learn the factors that contribute to hypertension and methods you can take to bring your blood pressure down.

Duration: 4 weeks. 45-minute sessions/per week online over Zoom Health Care

Counseling facilitator:  Dr. Taher Chugh
Please note: While we endeavor to limit the session to the allotted time, at times, the sessions go overtime because of discussion and questions. Please keep this in mind when scheduling group counseling appointments. We recommend that you do not book anything else for 30 minutes after each group session.