Occupational therapy is a broad field with the ultimate goal of helping people live more fulfilling lives. Interventions are not limited to improving occupational performance; but also, in all aspects of life that are important to us: e.g., social life, learning, stress management & resilience, therapeutic activities, relaxation, exercise, health, etc. That is, the focus is to help you achieve the best version of yourself in the short-term, and long-term.


Our occupational therapists cooperate with patients’ existing healthcare teams, and advocate for patients with third parties (e.g., insurers), in:

  1. Educating about functional implications of patients’ conditions;
  2. Emphasizing quality of life on the road to recovery;
  3. Making practical recommendations that improve performance that are commensurate while promoting recovery (rather making recovery more challenging).

If you are interested in consultation with our OTs, we welcome you to apply for consultation here.