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Below you will see some demos of how to do common tasks in engaging with our HCPs.

How to book an assessment

How to book a virtual intervention


How to attend a virtual intervention

Appointments with our our Medical Doctor (MD) are OHIP-funded if you satisfy all of the following criteria:

  1. You have had a referral sent to our office.
  2. You have a valid health card.
  3. You are within the boundaries of Ontario at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Please note that one-on-one appointments with the MD are by invitation only and patients are only granted two to three 1-on-1 appointments with the MD for a specific condition before discharging care back to your primary health care provider.

How to book group counselling

How to attend a group counselling session

How to cancel appointments in Medeo

How to create a Medeo account

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