Uninsured Services

Please see below a list of some common uninsured services that we render and their associated costs.

Uninsured Service


Request for copy of notes

  1. $30 (first 20 pages) + $0.25/page thereafter
  2. Out-of-pocket disbursements (where applicable) are charged at cost.

Special letter/phone requests (1)

  • To be determined prior to rendering the service.

MD consult* (2)

  • $100 (10 minutes)
  • *No charge for OHIP patients with referral

Group Counselling sections* (3)

  • Varies by section but will equal $50 x the number of sessions in that particular section
  • *No charge for OHIP patients who are deemed suitable for these therapies

Group Counselling section manual (4)

  • $150

Occupational Therapy (5)

  • $90 (30 minutes)
  • $165 (60 minutes)

Psychotherapy (6)

  • $90 + HST (30 minutes)
  • $165 + HST (60 minutes)

Missed appointments / Late cancellation (7)

  • One-on-one session: $50
  • OHIP-funded Group Counselling Sessions: $20
Please note the following:

(1) At times, you or your work may request a phone call or letter. The fee will be commensurate with time required to complete the form. An example of this would be an Attending Physician Statements. Our office may not be able to handle your Short/Long-term disability forms; these are best handled by your GP.

(2) This is the fee for patients who are not eligible to receive OHIP-funded assessments by the MD.  To be eligible for OHIP-funded MD consultation, the following criteria must be met:  1) Have an MD/NP referral faxed to us;  2) have a valid OHIP-card;  3) be in Ontario at the time of your appointments.  Payment is required before being scheduled for the appointment.  Please review our refund policy before paying for a consultation with the MD.

(3) The fee for a specific Group Counselling Section will be calculated by taking the number of sessions in that Group Counselling Section and multiplying it by $50.  Missed Group Counselling Sessions will not be refunded.  Payment is required before being scheduled for a Group Counselling Section.  Please review our refund policy before enrolling in a Group Counselling Section.  

(4) Each Group Counselling section in our Training Series has it’s own manual that will provide you with reference material, worksheets and tools to implement the medical recommendations your receive.  The Educational Series’ Group Counselling Sections do not have manuals and so there is no fee.

(5) This service is rendered by a registered occupational therapist.  Initial appointments must be for 60 minutes.

(6) This service is rendered by a registered psychotherapist.

(7) This is strictly enforced. Because of the expense involved in bringing this service, we cannot afford to cover this expense for you in the event that you provide less than 24 hours notice of cancellation or fail to show up. While everyone has a good reason for not showing for an appointment, the expense for the same, even if for extenuating circumstances, will be borne by the patient/patient’s caregiver for whom we reserved the appointment.  Cancellations must be either made through our online booking system or made by email and the timestamp on the email will be regarded as the official cancellation time.  The online booking system does not allow any changes to scheduled appointments that will occur in the next 24 hours.