Getting from Point A to Point B


Did you know that Dr. Martin Seligman, the psychologist and professor credited for developing the field of positive psychology, predicted who would win the 1988 US presidential elections solely by evaluating the candidates’ level of optimism. He also predicted who would win the 1986 World Series – a come-from-behind Cinderella tale – in the same way. And he helped multinational corporations save and earn millions of dollars by training them in this science: the science of flexible optimism.

Much is spent in the pursuit of two of the three legs of the science of success: aptitude and motivation. But learning how and when to apply optimism has been proven to help one over-achieve in general, and learn to surf the trials and tribulations of life so that you always have a response to whatever may come your way. It has also been shown to help many physical and mental health conditions from depression to migraine. Learn how you can apply this in your life in these interactive group series.


6 weekly OHIP-covered, online (over OTN) group counseling sessions

Counseling facilitator: Dr. Taher Chugh




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March 30, May 11, June 22, August 3, September 14, October 26, December 7